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    HuameiSpace Cultural & Creative Park

    Time: June 10, 2016

    Location: Huamei Space Cultural & Creative Park
    Number: 150person

    Event: Mr. Van Gogh’s paintings are famous all around the world, and the value of his authentic is astronomical. Van Gogh, as a post-Impressionist pioneer, has a profound impact to the modern art. The Starry Night and Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers are the best known, and he had many great amazing paintings. This time, Van Gogh “comes” with an unbelievable way. “Van Gogh Alive the Experience” comes and brings nearly 3000 rolls paintings to show to the Xiamen people. Opening cocktail party invites celebrities to see it firstly. Greg’s Xiamen Xiamen supplied French desserts for the cocktail reception. There are thrilling three-dimensional paintings exhibition in you sight, champagne and wine in your mouth, delicious French canape served by waiters pass around .You can really enjoy yourself heartily. Organizers also invite Greg’s team as the supplier for all the weekly cocktail party. We are looking forward to bring the delicious French food to more people through our cooperation in the future.



    活动内容:梵高先生作为后印象主义的先驱,其画作在世界享有声誉,对现代艺术也有着深刻影响,真迹更是天价。星空和向日葵知名度最高,大师还有很多非常棒的创作。这次大师来了,以一种意想不到的方式,“不朽的梵高”感映艺术大展降临厦门,现场有3000多幅的画作。开业酒会邀请了各界名流先一睹为快,Greg’s厦门厦门为这些高端客户提供开业鸡尾酒会餐饮服务。眼前有震撼人心的立体画作展览,还有贴心的侍者pass around服务,美味的法式小点,还有香槟美酒,主办方更是邀请Greg’s team作为长期的鸡尾酒会供应商。期待以后的合作也希望给更多的朋友带来更棒的美食。